Marketing Manager

Company: Wachsman Ireland


Location: Dublin

Salary: 50k

Company Profile

Split between New York City, the global media capital of the world, and Dublin, the fastest growing fintech hub in Europe, Wachsman serves many of the most disruptive and revolutionary blockchain companies and organizations, all leading the way in this rapidly growing billion-dollar industry.

Established in 2015, Wachsman has grown substantially over the course of the two years, building a global team of 40, expanding the service offering, and developing a client roster of over leading sixty firms, associations and projects across a wide range of industries and sectors. With a significant year ahead, Wachsman is now looking to concentrate efforts on further cementing the Wachsman brand globally through a comprehensive marketing campaign. In order to do so, Wachsman is now seeking an experienced and ambitious Marketing Manager for immediate hire. This is an incredibly rare opportunity, where you will have the chance to help shape a rapidly expanding company with a meaningful, transformative mission.

Here at Wachsman, our culture is our foundation. We are strong believers in merit over tenure, and take pride in our team members who look forward to coming to work each and every day. Wachsman’s staff are its greatest asset.

Job title: Marketing Manager

Job Profile

    •    Work closely with our Director of Operations to develop, implement, and manage all marketing efforts and marketing budgets on behalf of Wachsman.
    •    Edit and update the Wachsman website and work alongside the external website development agency when necessary.
    •    Plan and implement a clear, structured strategy for the Wachsman blog. This will include working with other Wachsman team members in curating blog content, and ensuring the objectives of the strategy are met.
    •    Analyze the Wachsman website and actively implement an SEO strategy.
    •    Create and implement specific Google Adwords campaigns throughout the year in order to assist in meeting company objectives.
    •    Manage all company social media accounts and actively seek to increase engagement across all channels.
    •    Work closely with senior members of the Wachsman team in order to develop and implement a PR strategy for Wachsman in line with company objectives.
    •    Plan and coordinate activities based on the current news cycle, trending industry topics, and company and client achievements.
    •    Maintain effective internal communications to ensure that all relevant company functions are kept informed of marketing objectives.
    •    Develop and present monthly analytical reports to Wachsman management on all marketing initiatives.

Candidate Profile

    •    3-5 years of marketing experience, preferably with an agency.
    •    2+ years of experience with SEO, keyword research, and Google AdWords and Analytics.
    •    Experience with WordPress, HootSuite and other content management systems and digital marketing tools required.
    •    Experience in developing integrated marketing campaigns for a tech company or tech-related field preferred.
    •    Both creative and analytical skills with the ability to be flexible and think outside the box.
    •    Exceptional work ethic and motivation to excel in a fast-paced environment.
    •    Outstanding interpersonal and verbal communication skills.
    •    Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail.
    •    Ability to operate independently and in support of PR teams.
    •    Bachelor degree preferred

Category: Finance-legal

Experience required: 3 years

Education Level : Degree

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