About Us

Fintechjobs.ie started life in 2017 and offers an online meeting platform for people looking for employment in the Irish Fintech sector. Founded by Gerry Gorman and David Crowley whose extensive experience in the recruitment and financial services industries respectively allowed them to recognise the need for a dedicated site that offers companies the opportunity to connect with jobseekers in the Irish Fintech market. The site offers not only jobs and vacancies in and associated to Fintech but an insight into how the rapid growth of this emerging market is not only profoundly affecting how we live and do business but also shows it to be a global gamechanger that will allow many companies and careers to flourish, specifically here in Ireland.

David Crowley
CEO - Financial Specialist

David’s career has been focussed in the Financial sector. David founded Independent Financial Consultants (IFCFinance.com), a successful Financial Services Advisory firm which provides consultancy on Financial Planning and Wealth Management to business owners and professional firms, in Ireland and UK. With a keen focus on Corporate Pension advice, IFC takes care of many of the team’s behind many successful Corporates in Ireland.

David has been actively involved in developing alternative finance strategies for the SME and the Agri-Sector having recently led an executive team and a senior advisory board which was endeavouring to establish an SME - Agri focused Bank in Ireland.

David is a founding partner and board member of Crossflow Payments Ireland. Crossflow Payments is Ireland’s First Integrated E-Invoicing and Supply Chain Finance Platform. Crossflow Payments Ireland is a joint venture with Crossflow Payments UK which hosts many of the leading UK businesses as its customers. 

David also spent time in the Renewable Energy sector, building up a number of key contacts and taking the company through several long term strategic and joint venture partnerships with a number of large multi-jurisdictional companies in logistics, security operations, human resource training and sourcing. With nearly three decades of experience, David has built meaningful relationships across the Irish government, the finance sector and within the broader business community.

David is a member of several Finance Associations and sat on committees, representative of the Finance sector. David is a founding-committee member of The Good Summit. The Focus of The Good Summit is to showcase Social Entrepreneurship and to afford an insight into how we can all do our business with ‘good’ and with ‘impact’ in mind.

David is a key advocate of the Start Up community and enjoys helping those members to connect to people who can be useful to their endeavours. David has co-founded Fintechjobs.ie as we see a huge gap in a focused, online, specialised platform to promote the requirements of the growing Fintech sector along with providing a one-stop shop for candidates who wish to move their career towards Fintech. Fintechjobs.ie will provide the ideal connector for both employers and employees to win.


Gerry Gorman
CEO - Recruitment Specialist

Gerry Gorman has worked as a recruitment and sourcing specialist in the Irish market for more than 30 years. He has seen and experienced first-hand, the changes that have occurred in Irish recruitment during that time.

Whilst technology and automation has had a major impact on how we do business today, Gerry believes the fundamentals of effective and clear communication is still the heartbeat of an industry which is still all about people.

In recent times, increasingly more employers seem to understand the importance of their staff’s contribution and wellbeing and how this will positively affect performance and profit if managed correctly.

Having worked with large and small organisations alike and experienced many different approaches to the recruitment process, Gerry understands what it takes to source, hire and retain the best people in the employment market. Using his knowledge and experience, Gerry co-founded fintechjobs.ie which offers a dedicated online platform to anyone interested in employment within the Irish Fintech market.

Our belief is that this industry is rapidly becoming an important sector within Ireland’s business community which has allowed us to recognize the growing need for an online job portal wholly focused on the Fintech industry in Ireland. This sector will attract people serious about career development and interested in working within some of the world’s most exciting and innovative startups and established corporates. Fintechjobs.ie will allow them to find Fintech employment opportunities with these companies all on one site.

Fintechjobs.ie will grow organically within this expanding market with the aim of continually increasing our client offering and services.


Luiz Wynne
Web Developer

Luiz Wynne is a Web Developer and IT student achieving an old dream to live abroad. He comes from the metropolis of Sao Paulo; the economic heart of Latin America, South East Brazil.

Luiz is the son of a Literature teacher, he learned how to love and enjoy good reading and authors, as well as writing. His first degree was won in 2011 with a Bachelor of Communications which focuses on Marketing and Advertising. Along with his degree, he also had three years’ experience in Customer Care and Cloud Computing. He then had the opportunity to work with one of the most regarded BTL (Below the Line) Advertising agencies in Brazil, The New Style, nicknamed by his peers and fellow employees as “New”.

After leaving “New”, Luiz found it was time to accomplish his old dream; to live and study outside of Brazil. He initially came over to Ireland to simply study English but he quickly enjoyed living in Ireland so much that he decided to stay. He decided to engage in a Diploma in Business Studies and then also to pursue his ambition to become an IT professional, an additional bachelor degree; this time in Information technology (Computing Science).

Currently based in Dublin, Ireland; Luiz is a Web Developer in Fintech Jobs (www.fintechjobs.ie). A young and passionate I.T. and business professional who believes that learning is the key to everything.


Surbhi Mirchandani
Business Analyst

Surbhi analyses the wider FinTech marketplace, collating data that allows Fintechjobs.ie to be relevant to our customers and the wider FinTech community.

Prior to her role as a Business Analyst, Surbhi worked for 2 years as a Quality Analyst at Tech Mahindra. Surbhi was responsible for maintaining the quality of the website and the mobile application of AT&T, to provide a user-friendly interface to all the customers of AT&T.

Surbhi holds a Bachelors in Technology with a specialisation in Electronics and Communication and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration with a specialisation in Finance.